This copy of OS X can’t be verified

Need to get a bootable drive to install OS X (multiple versions suffer) and immediately met the following error?:

This copy of <Some OS X version> application can’t be verified. It may have been corrupted or tampered with during downloading.”

Before you go re-imaging the drive, re-downloading the image, replacing your RAM back to OEM, or whatever else you find suggested online…. launch the terminal from the Utilities menu and set the date. Now try installing again.

The installer uses the date to try and verify the copy of OS X you’re about to install (seems dicey). If the date isn’t set, and you don’t configure the installer to use your wifi (so that the installer can make a call to a time server), the verification likely shits the bed.

The syntax for changing the date is: date <month><date><hour><minute><year>


July 14th 12:52AM 2015

mm dd HH MM yyyy

date 071400522015

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