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Mount a filesystem over SSH on OSX (sshfs)

1) Download & install FUSE for OSX.

2) Create an empty local folder to act as a mount point.

3) Mount the filesystem over SSH.


sshfs <username>@<IP or URL>:<remote path> <path to local mount point>


sshfs ~/Desktop/mnt

I’m not a huge fan of using Vim or Nano/Pico for lengthy editing sessions on remote servers. This allows me to use Sublime Text (or whatever your editor of choice). I’ve not encountered any latency issues and it’s much smoother than forwarding X (which I never have installed on a webserver anyway).


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Blank Screen During Ubuntu 12.04 Install

During a Ubuntu 12.04 install your screen may go blank (purple) part way during the installation process. For me, this always came directly after setting my hostname.

The likely fix is to run the installation with nomodeset option. For details see the How to set NOMODESET option discussion. The short version looks like this:

  • From the Ubuntu menu > F6 > Select nomodeset
  • From the Ubuntu menu > Install Unbuntu

Hopefully the rest of the install process is uneventful.

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